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Our financial advice philosophy is based on mutual understanding between our clients and us. It is a service model based around you as an individual, and it is something precious few institutions can deliver on.

We will take the time to understand you – your situation, your needs and your aspirations. Then we will help you define your financial goals, and your vision of a secure financial future.

And then, working side by side, we will develop a financial plan which will help you reliably achieve your goals.

Importantly, your financial plan will not be a pre-packaged solution. It will be tailored to your individual requirements to ensure you make best use of your financial resources now, and in the future.

And if your financial goals change along the way, or if the legislative or investment framework in which we work changes, we will modify your plan accordingly to keep you on track.

We offer expert advice coupled with extensive ongoing service


We specialise in providing professional strategic advice to help you improve your current financial position and ultimately achieve your long term lifestyle goals.

Importantly, our initial advice isn’t a ‘set and forget’ service. Instead we offer you regular financial mentoring and ongoing guidance – in all aspects of your personal finances – to set you, and keep you, on the path to financial wellbeing. Read more about the value of our advice.

Our team of experienced financial professionals can provide you with a detailed and totally tailored blueprint for financial success, whether you are in the workforce, self-employed, about to retire or already retired.

Read more about our investment philosophy and approach to asset allocation.


We’ll help you achieve your vision of a secure financial future…every step of the way


Comprehensive Advice

We offer financial planning and associated services through a partnership with Australian Unity.

This alliance with Australian Unity ensures we have full access to the research, administration and other services that usually…

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8 Steps

In helping you create a secure financial future, we employ our disciplined 8-step financial advice process.

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Gap analysis

Everyone has lifestyle and financial goals which are unique to them. It’s why everyone needs a financial plan which is tailored to their individual requirements.

Central to your financial plan will be a set of decisions that are yours alone. One of the most important…

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With our skills combined, we will help you achieve your vision of a secure financial future!


John Hockey
Financial Planner

Dip FS (FP)

John Hockey is a financial planner with substantial experience in helping clients to create secure financial futures. John specialises in developing strategic financial plans for clients who are:

  • About to retire
  • Facing redundancy
  • In retirement
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Selling their business
  • Investing a lump sum
  • Entering an Aged Care Facility
  • Entering a Retirement Village
  • Personal Insurance
  • Wishing to reduce their tax liability

John’s financial career started as an Investment Banker in 1985 and he has since worked in related financial fields. John’s advisory expertise includes retirement planning, investments, superannuation, taxation, Centrelink eligibility, risk insurance, and investment gearing. John has also helped many people unravel the Aged Care complexities and in turn maximising their Centrelink and DVA benefits.

John Hockey is an Authorised Representative (No 318682) of Australian Unity Personal Financial Services Limited (AUPFS) ABN 26 098 725 145.

Carissa Edgar
Client Services Manager / Administration Manager


A wide and varied career spanning banking, horticulture, retail and now financial planning industries, Carissa has expertise in administration, human resources management and training. This experience means that she can provide strong support to John in managing the day-to-day running of the office and the administration team.

Carissa is your first point of contact for all general enquiries, such as withdrawal requests, accessing financial and annual member statements, change of details, as well as anything else you may require. She also focuses on:

  • Supporting our clients during the implementation process
  • Preparing and managing the implementation strategy of financial plan
  • Managing the Administration Team
  • Coordination and processing of documentation
  • Compliance of the business
  • Client database management

Carissa’s main focus is to ensure our day-to-day practices result in delivering great initial and ongoing service to our clients.

Cherry & Pheobe
Administration Assistants

Our administration assistants, Cherry & Pheobe, are skilled in financial planning administration and look after the day-to-day administration of our business.

Having a dedicated admin team in place ensures that our business runs smoothly and efficiently and enables us to take most of the boring tasks away from you, such as the hassle of filling out all those formsAnd it enables John and Carissa to focus on what they do best!

While you will rarely speak with our admin team, you may from time to time receive an email from Cherry or Pheobe when we are processing a request of yours or completing an application for you.


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Find us at 185 Fullarton Road, Dulwich SA 5065


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